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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Botanical Window Decal Creates a Wonderful Illusion

As you will know if you are a regular Scene from a Window visitor, I normally share with you a variety of enchanting painted and photographic scenes viewed as if from a window.

Today I came across something new that I thought was a wonderful idea, and hope you might just agree. Glue-free window decals adhere to the glass on your windows where they can be seen from both inside and outside. Because no glue is involved, they are easy to position, move around or remove completely when you feel like a change.

If you are looking to create a fake view that tricks the eye (an effect known as trompe l'oeil which means exactly that, trick the eye, in French), then these botanical window decals are a wonderfully easy way to do just that.

Leaves and bird  (Window Decal)
Leaves and Bird Window Decal at

When you apply a botanical window decal like the above, or indeed any of these glue-free decals, you create a convincing effect that will have people believing the leaves are real. This one also features a sweet bird, a beautiful sight that for many of us would be only too rare in real life this close to a window.

People who bought this decal over at loved it, giving it 5-star reviews. Another advantage is that these glue-less window decals are very affordable. Head on over there to see the full range which includes some photo-realistic designs of leaves and potted herbs as well as more whimsical ones such as fairies or a silhouetted child catching leaves.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Looking Out on the Golf Course

If you enjoy a round of golf, or know somebody who does, here's a window view that was surely created with you in mind!

As all golfers know, Scottish golf courses are some of the best in the world. Playing the Old Course at St Andrews or visiting the new Trump golf resort in Aberdeenshire are dreams shared by many a golf enthusiast. Not everybody lives with the famous 'links' and courses on their doorstep, though.

Today's window view poster brings the golf courses of Scotland a little closer to you. It features a golf course a stone's throw from St Andrews: The Home of Golf . Such an easy way to create the effect of having a course right outside your window!

Golf Course View from a Window print
Golf Course View from a Window

The day captured in this photographic poster was perfect weather for a round of golf. A trio of golfers are enjoying the view from the well-maintained grass slope lined with trees.

Every day is a day for golf with this faux window! Available in the SceneFromAWindow store via where every purchase has a full-satisfaction guarantee. Add a custom frame (I recommend Honey Oak) to give this a more robust window appearance or just enjoy the trompe l'oeil effect of the photography without any additional enhancement.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Longing for Sunny Tropical Views

I know, I know, it's the last day of January and so far I have themed the window views on this blog with the season. But right now I look out the window and the trees are bare, the sky is clouded, and I find myself wishing I was on an tropical island.

The artist Lynn Fecteau is just the person to transport us there, with her delightful paintings of exotic scenes glimpsed through open windows. So let us again let in the warm tropical breeze and drink in the scent of beautiful blooms.

This lovely scene, titled Passion and Coconuts, is classic Fecteau with her wide white-painted window frame on the ledge of which we find a couple of magnificent seashells and a red flower.

Passion and Coconuts
Passion and Coconuts is available from

A large pink flower (is it a hibiscus, do you think?) is almost spilling into the room from its spot beneath the window, where it is clustered with other lovely flowers. This accommodation is perfectly situated right on the seashore, with a view of a strip of white sand and that dazzling turquoise ocean. A palm tree offers some welcome shade and you can almost hear the rustle of the breeze as you imagine the wispy white clouds floating over the water.

Yes, this view would do very nicely this time of year to bring hope of sunnier days and lift our spirits when the clouds blot out the sunshine as they have done today. What a scene to wake up to in a bedroom, or to have above a desk. It couldn't be easier to imagine yourself for a moment living the tropical lifestyle

Fecteau's work is available on AllPosters and is generously sized at 36 by 24 inches. You have the usual choice of mounting on wood, laminating or transferring this art print to canvas, and can preview each of those options on the AllPosters site. It also looks stunning in a frame and there are 15 to choose from, each perfectly sized for the print.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cat in Window on a Winter's Day

At this time of year many of us in the northern hemisphere, or at least those of us at the top of it, begin to feel sun-starved.

We could learn a lesson from cats. Have you ever noticed their ability to seek out the merest scrap of sun and soak it up? If there is a sunny patch to be found in the house, chances are that is where you will find the cat!

The cat in this painting, which is appropriately called Winter Solace, has certainly got that knack for making the most of even the weakest winter sunshine. Curled up on a window ledge, it is enjoying the warmth of sunlight on its fur, steadfastly ignoring the birds flying past outside.

Winter Solace
Winter Solace is available at

To tell the truth, there's not all that much to see out of this window, some ragged snow and bare trees form the landscape. However, as any cat lover will agree, who needs a view when there is a beautiful feline friend to admire. Just don't expect to be allowed to share the warmth of the sunshine!

Winter Solace was painted by Ben Watson, an artist who uses a subdued palette and often creates stark contrasts in his work. This print is available in a variety of sizes as a giclee or canvas print and can be framed or mounted as you prefer.