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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

View from a Mountain Top

The hills are alive... and you can see them right outside the window! This gorgeous mountain view shows the Alps of Austria, where Julie Andrews famously twirled around in full song. Look closely and you might even see her (no, only joking).

This window scene might not have Maria von Trapp but it does have the gorgeous green hills, valleys and peaks of the Alps mountain range.

It was photogrpahed on a beautiful summer's day and the sky is blue with barely a cloud. In the distance you can see jagged mountain tops, closer at hand you have a valley with meadows and roads. Chalets and mountain houses dot the hillsides and the foreground is carpeted with grass and fir trees.

Mountain Top View from a Window print
Mountain Top View from a Window by Scene From a Window

This view features the rustic wooden window frame, creating the effect of a real window on your wall.

Perfect for anyone who misses the mountains or has always wanted to travel to a landscape like the one featured in The Sound of Music. This window picture is also ideal for your cabin or vacation home (holiday home).

Best purchased in the generous 23 by 34 inch size for a window effect, you can also buy the mountain view as a smaller poster or a portfolio art print. Choose between matte or gloss heavyweight paper for a premium finish or choose the ultra-thick, heavy textured canvas.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Windows on the World: Japan

The clever thing about a picture that looks like a window is that it can transport you to any country you would like to see beyond your window frame!

This lovely scene, for example, gives you a view of a real Japanese garden as seen from a temple window. No need to spend a fortune on a travel ticket or spend hours on a plane.

The peaceful garden is bursting with green, from the rounded forms of the topiary to the conifers that form a backdrop.

The view was photographed through the unusual arched shape of one of the windows in Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto.

View from the Temple Window, Kiyomizudera, Kyoto, Japan

View from the Temple Window, Kyoto, Japan is available from

This is an ancient Buddhist temple whose name means "Pure Water Temple" and is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple offers beautiful views of Kyoto and flowering cherry trees from its famous wooden veranda which attracts visitors and their cameras.

The photographic scene captured in the poster above is a more intimate composition of the Zen garden with its small pond, basin, and stone structures. A lovely way to bring the outdoors in and invite some peaceful contemplation without having to create your own Zen garden. Available in several sizes as a print, stretched canvas, or framed.

You can see more images and learn more about Kiyomizu-dera Temple at this interesting website.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

An Arched Window View Makes an Unusual Frame

I am delighted to announce a very special range of window view posters. These arched windows are create an eye-catching alternative to the classic picture that looks like a window.

An arch is an unusual architectural feature that captures the imagination, and this one is also notable for its shape which is wider than it is high. This creates an almost panoramic style of poster which presents familiar scenes in new ways.

Shown below is the Scottish Loch Scene arched window.

Arched Window with View of Sottish Loch print
Arched Window with View of Sottish Loch by Scene From a Window

This lovely scene was photographed at one of Scotland's most scenic lochs and shows the still blue waters and the ancient hills beyond. The sky is a pale blue and almost cloudless, and the view is framed by a green shrub on one side of the foreground and by the curving branch of a tree on the other.

This is a typical Scottish scene that is ideal for reminding yourself of a vacation or stay in Scotland.

The window has 12 panes set in white-painted wood and the window itself has been made in a wall of old stone. Although repaired in places, this is a genuine window dating back several centuries and will add a real touch of history to a room.

The arched window frame poster is available in a 34 by 18 inch size that creates the effect of a window on your wall, or you can buy it in smaller sizes if you prefer. You have the option of basic poster paper or premium gloss or matt, or can buy it as a canvas.

You can find a selection of other arch posters in the Scene From a Window Arched Window collection on Zazzle.

Friday, 27 May 2011

A Window for Contemplation

Windows are good for daydreaming. They are a reminder that there is a world out there that is far greater than our troubles and deadlines.

Doors invite us to step out into that world but windows are a little different. They let us observe from a distance.

Sometimes looking away from the computer screen and gazing out the window at the view beyond is all you need to refresh your mind.

Reflection and contemplation are in many ways central to the artistic focus of many Eastern artists. Although the work of artist Zhen-Huan Lu has had a focus on the homes and seascapes of the East Coast of the United States, it may be his background and training in China that lends such a quiet thoughtfulness about his paintings.

Orchids with Teapots

Orchids with Teapots is available from

Orchids with Teapots has a stillness that encourages contemplation. This is a painting of a window rather than the illusion of a window that you will see in many of the photographic and works here. Even so, I was drawn to the partial window which fills almost half of the canvas, flooding it with sunlight.

The orchids on the polished wooden sideboard are bathed too in this sunshine, which creates a window frame shadow on the wooden shelf and the delicate teapot. Outside is a bright scene of trees and a cloudless sky.

It is a peaceful scene that relaxes the viewer and would be lovely in a study, bedroom, or any room where you wanted to create a feeling of calm.

This 30 x 24 inch art print can be framed, laminated, mounted, or applied to canvas.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Create Your Own Castle Window

Who hasn't wanted their own castle at one time or another? Well, for every little girl who wanted to be a princess or every young lad who dreamed of being a Medieval Knight, here's an idea for you.

Now you can create the effect of being in an ancient castle with this stone window. Photographed in a real Medieval Castle in Scotland, dating from around 1300. That's over 700 years of history on your wall!

The weathered stone has eroded in places, showing the passing of the years. The rock is pitted and even a little mossy. This window poster would be perfect for a Knights or Princess themed bedroom or just for adding some Middle Ages style to a room or office.

Castle Window with Sea View print
Castle Window with Sea View by Scene From a Window

The window picture is available with a number of scenic views from beaches and the ocean to Scottish lochs and castles.

Above is a sea view showing a coastal scene in Scotland. The sea waves are breaking on the beach and there is a cloudy sky with a patch of blue overhead. In the foreground you can see, just outside your window, a little of the gorse that lines this part of the coast.

You can buy this castle window view poster in a life-like 22 x 34 inches or all the way up to an impressive 33 x 52 inches!

See more stone windows in the Scene From a Window Castle Window collection on Zazzle.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Opening Windows onto a Tropical Paradise

It might be the end of May but where I live the weather has been awful! This painting of an open window shows the scene I would rather see outside. It's perfect for lifting your spirits on even the darkest day.

The beautiful art print is full of sunshine with its tropical colors of blues, yellows and greens. A pair of 4-paned white windows with brass handles and hinges have been thrown open to let in the warm sea breeze.

The view from this window has a perfect golden sand beach with a turquoise sea. A palm tree leans lazily over the sands and a variety of tropical flowers are brushing up against the window, including a golden yellow hibiscus.

The sky above is a brilliant blue with fluffy white clouds

Adding to the trompe l'oeil effect, a couple of delicate seashells sit on the white-painted window ledge.

Seashells in the Light

Seashells in the Light available from

This gorgeous beach scene painting is by artist Lynn Fecteau. Her work includes a number of open window posters with a beach view and tropical island scenes.

Buy it as an art print 36 x 24 inches. You can also add a frame or choose the stretched canvas option.

Either way, with this beautiful open window you can bring a splash of color and the illusion of sunshine to a room.

Monday, 16 May 2011

How to Have an Ocean View When You Can't See the Sea

There is something about a sea view that can soothe a restless soul and captivate the imagination. Many of us could sit for hours watching the waves roll in and out in an ever changing seascape.

This poster that looks like a window has a scene of ocean waves breaking on the rocky shore in a spray of seafoam. Large boats travel across the horizon and clouds sweep across the blue sky above. The peaceful scene is lit by the evening sun. The ocean view is seen through a wooden window frame.

Sea View from a Window with Breaking Waves print
Sea View from a Window with Breaking Waves by Scene From a Window

The photographic poster is available in 3 sizes, the largest (at 23 x 24 inches) is approximately the size of a real window and is designed to give the effect of having a sea view outside when hung on your wall.

This is certainly an easier and less expensive way to get your own perfect view! Play some sounds of the ocean in the same room and you might just believe you truly are beside the coast.

The window view poster above is one in a large selection available via the Scene From a Window store on Zazzle.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Open Window with View of Tuscany

Throw open the shutters and look out of this open window onto the vineyards and green hills of Tuscany. With this lovely photographic poster it will be easy to imagine yourself living in a beautiful Tuscan villa in Chianti.

The Tuscan landscape is timeless with its medieval hill towns and wine growing regions. The cities and small towns of Tuscany that are loved by tourists include Florence (Firenze), Siena, and San Gimignano. This is the homeland of Michelangelo and of Leonardo da Vinci.

Window Looking Out Across Vineyards of the Chianti Region, Tuscany, Italy
Window Looking Out Across Vineyards of the Chianti Region, Tuscany, Italy is available from

This window poster features a photograph by Todd Gipstein and is available in 5 different sizes from 12 x 9 inch to 40 x 30 inch, as a photographic print, premium photographic print or a stretched canvas print.

Todd Gipstein is a professional photographer with a large portfolio of work including macro floral photography, creative scenes from nature, travel photography, and still lifes. A number of his works feature windows, both looking out from the inside and as exterior shots.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Want a new view? Get a new window!

A beautiful scene outside the window can make the difference between the hotel that everyone wants to stay in and the one that struggles to survive. It can double or treble the selling price of a house. Most importantly, though, it can lift your spirits and soothe your soul.

A room with a view of the right kind is a special place indeed. Of course, sometimes the scenic view we so want is out of our reach, or exists only in our memory or imagination.

Pictures that look like windows can bring that scenery into your home or office by creating the illusion of a window frame that looks out onto a lovely landscape.

Even better, you can choose your own perfect scene. Will it be a sea view, a peaceful scene of countryside, a mountain vista, or maybe a cityscape?

If you move, take your view with you. If you tire of it, change it for a different one.

I'll be sharing a whole variety of ideas for window posters, prints and paintings that can transform your walls from boring to blissful.

Person at the Window

Person at the Window by Salvador Dali is available from

The window view above was painted by Salvador Dali and features his sister gazing out through an open window at the coast of Spain. Available as an art print in 3 sizes from 18 x 24 inch to 23.5 x 31.5 inch. This Dali print can also be laminated or mounted.