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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Opening Windows onto a Tropical Paradise

It might be the end of May but where I live the weather has been awful! This painting of an open window shows the scene I would rather see outside. It's perfect for lifting your spirits on even the darkest day.

The beautiful art print is full of sunshine with its tropical colors of blues, yellows and greens. A pair of 4-paned white windows with brass handles and hinges have been thrown open to let in the warm sea breeze.

The view from this window has a perfect golden sand beach with a turquoise sea. A palm tree leans lazily over the sands and a variety of tropical flowers are brushing up against the window, including a golden yellow hibiscus.

The sky above is a brilliant blue with fluffy white clouds

Adding to the trompe l'oeil effect, a couple of delicate seashells sit on the white-painted window ledge.

Seashells in the Light

Seashells in the Light available from

This gorgeous beach scene painting is by artist Lynn Fecteau. Her work includes a number of open window posters with a beach view and tropical island scenes.

Buy it as an art print 36 x 24 inches. You can also add a frame or choose the stretched canvas option.

Either way, with this beautiful open window you can bring a splash of color and the illusion of sunshine to a room.

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