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Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Sunny Painting to Light Up a Room

A dull room needs an illusion of sunlight, and if there is one thing artist Alice Dalton Brown knows how to do it is to fill a canvas with sunshine. The gorgeous art print below is just one in a series of paintings she has done of full-length windows and verandas flooded with light.

Viewing her paintings is likely being transported to a place where the sun always shines. She paints with light, sparkling on water and warming stone and polished wooden floors. Frequently her works include sheer curtains, lifted by a slight breeze.

Long Golden Day
Long Golden Day is available from

This painting of a window and sea view is a perfect example of Dalton Brown's art, with the sun lighting the surface of the tranquil blue water and casting a golden glow that is diffused through the gauzy fabric of the curtains. The wooden floor has been polished to a shine and the light reflects of it, making it appear like a continuation of the lake or sea beyond.

It is the golden quality of the light that makes this such a unique painting and is sure to brighten up a dull room with its glow. Lovely for bedrooms, living spaces, or anywhere you want to sit and dream of brighter days.

You can buy Long Golden Day as a 40 by 26 inch art print, or make a statement with the 60 by 40 inch print. Poster options include mounting, laminating, and framing with one of the elegant frames offered by AllPosters.

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