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Friday, 27 May 2011

A Window for Contemplation

Windows are good for daydreaming. They are a reminder that there is a world out there that is far greater than our troubles and deadlines.

Doors invite us to step out into that world but windows are a little different. They let us observe from a distance.

Sometimes looking away from the computer screen and gazing out the window at the view beyond is all you need to refresh your mind.

Reflection and contemplation are in many ways central to the artistic focus of many Eastern artists. Although the work of artist Zhen-Huan Lu has had a focus on the homes and seascapes of the East Coast of the United States, it may be his background and training in China that lends such a quiet thoughtfulness about his paintings.

Orchids with Teapots

Orchids with Teapots is available from

Orchids with Teapots has a stillness that encourages contemplation. This is a painting of a window rather than the illusion of a window that you will see in many of the photographic and works here. Even so, I was drawn to the partial window which fills almost half of the canvas, flooding it with sunlight.

The orchids on the polished wooden sideboard are bathed too in this sunshine, which creates a window frame shadow on the wooden shelf and the delicate teapot. Outside is a bright scene of trees and a cloudless sky.

It is a peaceful scene that relaxes the viewer and would be lovely in a study, bedroom, or any room where you wanted to create a feeling of calm.

This 30 x 24 inch art print can be framed, laminated, mounted, or applied to canvas.

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