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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Old Stone Castle Window with a Beach View

Unless you are new to this window scenes blog, you've seen this stone window before.

I'm incredibly lucky to live in a land where castles literally pepper the landscape. Some are beautifully managed and have impressive entrance fees to match. Others are little more than ruins, but I like those best because you can wander in on a quiet day and and dream a while.

When there's nobody else around it's like having your own private castle.

One of the castles near me isn't just a wonderful old building, rich in history. It also has the most amazing view.

Stone Window framing a Beach and Trees print
Stone Window framing a Beach and Trees by SceneFromAWindow

I always read about castles as defensive places, caught up in some battle or other. But they were homes, too, and lodgings for guests. And I think this must have been a wonderful place to stay with such a view.

Below its hilltop site, the little sandy beach curves round, sheltered by trees. The sea rolls in, breaking on the sand. A fascinating, ever-changing landscape.

Castle windows tend to be narrow, but they give you a different perspective on the world. I like that.

This one is as always available from the Scene From a Window Castle Window collection on Zazzle and is sized 23 by 34 inches in its largest print size.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Diane Romanello's Windows: A Bay in Summer

This painting of a single open window from artist Diane Romanello is such a perfect image of summertime. Right now I'm not seeing much of Summer from my own window, just rain and clouds, so I would gladly exchange it for Romanello's view.

I love the vivid blue of the sea in this painting of a coastal view. Sailing boats drift out towards the horizon, and high white clouds float up above.

Of course, what really says summer is the profusion of flowers lining the path. Lovely lavender blooms beneath the open window, making you want to lean out and breathe in its scent. On the other side of the path are low-growing flowers in yellow and pink.

Bay Window Vista II
Bay Window Vista II is available from

The window itself is simple, almost rustic, with that light wash of white paint so reminiscent of coastal properties.

I bet I'm not alone in feeling like this evocative painting brings back a barely-remembered memory.

Diane Romanello, who was born in 1944, is a popular American artist whose work is sought after. Though her influences may be close to home in the States, her work has an appeal much further afield. I think this Bay Window Vista scene could belong in the Mediterranean, the sunny south coast of Britain, even sunnier South Africa, or even more exotic places.

You can buy it as a 20 by 27 inch art print from, with the usual options of mount, canvas, laminate, or a choice of attractive frames (although, in my opinion, this is one painting where you may achieve the best effect leaving it unframed and letting the window itself present the scene).

Friday, 24 June 2011

View of An Italian Hill Town

It's hard to beat the charm of an Italian hill town, especially when it's one in the famously scenic region of Tuscany. This is a landscape that is dotted with medieval villages and fortified towns, built out of ancient, weathered stone. It is a place too of vinyards and good wines, of sun-ripened produce and dining al fresco. Here you can find la dolce vita.

This is the side of Italy that artist Dante Lorenzo has captured in his view from a window in Montecatini. It is a glorious day in high summer, and the landscape is so lovely that the reader has put spectacles and book aside on the windowsill to instead give their full attention to that vibrant scene outside.

Delicate blue flowers fill a glass jug, and a flower lies too beside the ribbon bookmark on the open pages of the book.

Montecatini View

Montecatini View is available from

Beyond is the conifer lined road winding towards the trees and terracotta-tiled white buildings on the hillside. A beautiful rose bush with cream flowers is surely sending wafts of perfume in through the open windows.

This is such a vibrant and sunny vista that would be just the thing to add interest to a dull wall. The sky is a vivid blue and the fields and trees a rich green, in contrast with the glossy mahogany of the window frame and ledge that is dappled with sunshine.

The painting looks great framed and matted, or you can choose it on canvas, laminated or mounted on board. As an art print this comes in a 37 by 28 inch size. On canvas it is 32 by 24 inches.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Lovely Laburnum -- Flowering Tree View

The laburnum is a beautiful tree. But, as someone once wrote, these days where once there were beautiful trees there are now housing estates and only the name (Laburnum Terrace, Oak Avenue, Willow Lane) remains as a sad reminder of what once stood there.

Thankfully, nature is resilient, as the weeds that keep spring up in my garden prove! Given a little space and time, trees can't help but grow. And of course we have parks and reserves where something matters other than how much a plot can be subdivided to generate as much income as possible.

This laburnum grows in a park and has been there many years. I was lucky enough to catch it just at its best, on a sunny day with all its yellow blossom hanging down.

Flowering Laburnum Tree View from a Window print
Flowering Laburnum Tree View from a Window by SceneFromAWindow

I suspect by now its beauty has passed and its blossoms have fallen. Of course, with a photographic print like this one featuring an in-built 'window', you can have a view of spring or summertime blossom at any time of year.

If you've stopped by the SceneFromAWindow store you will have seen a range of flowering trees including cherry blossom in pink and white, as well as the golden rain of the laburnum. Create your own dream tree collection by lining up two or three of these window posters on your wall.

As with all the rustic wooden windows, this one is sized 23 by 34 inches or can be scaled down to smaller sizes.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Shabby Chic Window in Paris

Paris. It's the city of lights. For many, the city of love too.

When I think of Paris I think of movies I've seen. 'Moulin Rouge', 'Amelie', 'Before Sunset'. Quirky and romantic, and a little bit mysterious.

It's a mood that this lovely print captures with its photo of a window overlooking the Eiffel Tower. What a view to wake up to in a hotel room!

Of course, it's the iconic tower that says 'Paris', but the attractive arched window with peeling paint and the ornate opening mechanism (hmmm, there's surely some technical term for that) along with those sheer floral print curtains is also very evocative of a French hotel somehow.

FenĂȘtre sur Paris
Fenetre sur Paris is available from

I think you'll agree that this is also a sensational work of photography. It creates drama with those strong contrasts in the interior, the sky and the architecture. The detail is so sharp too. It works perfectly as a black and white art print.

I've tried to find out more about the photographer, Mauricio Hellerdani, but the man is less well known than his Fenêtre sur Paris and is something of a mystery.

The photographic poster is available on AllPosters as a 19.5 by 25.5 inch art print, and of course you can opt to have it framed if you wish, or can choose it laminated, mounted or on canvas. Whatever way you present this one, it's sure to be an eye-catching artwork on your wall.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Looking Out on an Alpine Lake

I love mountains. The clear, pure air. The abundance of wild flowers and fascinating animals. The feeling of being on top of the world. The lifestyle of good exercise, good food, and the best night's sleep you'll ever have.

Some years ago I lived in the Alps of Europe and it's a place I never tire of going back to. This scene is one of many reasons why.

The rustic wooden window frame reminds me of chalet living, with pinewood and balconies overflowing with bright geraniums.

Pull back the curtains and you will see a vista of mountains that changes with the light and the season.

Alpine Lake View from a Window print
Alpine Lake View from a Window by SceneFromAWindow

Perhaps, as in this photographic poster, there will be a glacial lake, a stunning turquoise nestling in a valley between the peaks and ranges.

This one was photographed in Austria, a land of chocolate box scenes. You can see a white pleasure boat heading for the shore, where there is a little village.

Ah, what a lovely place to spend a sunny afternoon.

Get it in the window-sized 23 by 34 inches, or scale it down if you need to, and in no time you'll be day dreaming while gazing out on your very own mountain lake view.

(All sales handled by Zazzle, whose customer service team will give you any help you require.)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Sea Breeze through French Windows

I'm not sure if it's only here in the UK that we call full length windows 'French windows'. I don't even know if they have a lot of windows (or doors?) like these in France.

One thing's for certain... on a beautiful sunny day by the coast, there can be few things better than opening those windows wide and letting the sea breeze waft in from your balcony.

Talking of balconies, how's this for a perfect one? I want to walk right out through those windows, over the pale wooden floor and lean over the white-painted railing, drinking in that misty ocean view.

Sea Breeze I
Sea Breeze I is available from

If you love the Alice Dalton Brown paintings previously featured, I suspect you will also enjoy the work of this artist, Carol Saxe. The second in this two-painting series shows the same scene of full length windows opening onto a balcony, but with the sheer curtains a little less breeze blown and the viewpoint slightly further back.

Carol Saxe also paints other coastal scenes featuring attractive beach or harbor views, some with a cat or dog theme.

You can purchase Sea Breeze I for your home from (or one of their international domains) as an art print. It comes in a choice of 3 sizes: 8 by 10 inches, 16 by 20 inches, and 22 by 28 inches. This lovely painting has received very positive reviews as a peaceful and relaxing scene that brings back happy memories.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Windows on the World: Morocco

Morroco is a place of heat and vibrant life. Bright light bouncing off surfaces, a hubbub of noise, scents mixing in the air. But away from the teeming life of the streets there are secluded spaces. Here you can enjoy a moment's peace, rest and refresh your body and spirit.

Like an oasis in the nearby Sahara, this rose garden is a green and inviting spot. Leafy trees and shrubs offer shade and immaculately trimmed hedges are restful on the eyes.

Roses in shades from ivory and pale peach to salmon and deep pink invite you to stop and breathe in their scent.

Moroccan Garden View from a Window print
Moroccan Garden View from a Window by SceneFromAWindow

The colours of the roses are echoed by the slender minaret close by. Built from a beautiful warm-toned stone that looks as peachy-pink as the flowers, it is decorated with intricate detail in the window surrounds and the crenellated tower tops. The minaret is topped with a dome and a spire with golden balls in increasing size.

This is a very different and unique window scene that is ideal for the armchair traveller. It is sure to bring a touch of the exotic and the mysterious charm of North Africa to your home.

This window poster is 23 by 33 inches. Also available as 15 by 22 inches or 11 by 16 inches. Part of the classic wood window collection. Purchase via Zazzle to take advantage of the money back guarantee, payment in a wide choice of currencies, and delivery to most parts of the world.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sunlight and Sea View

Sea views are certainly popular. I think most of us, given half a chance, would happily go live by the ocean where we could look out each day on the sun sparkling on the waves.

Here is another of Alice Dalton Brown's beautiful paintings of just such a scene. Dalton Brown's Long Golden Day was previously featured on this blog. Below you see another of her most popular works, Blues Come Through.

Similar in many ways to Long Golden Day, it's easy to imagine that this might be painted from the same oceanside property, but from a different angle and at a different time of day.

Blues Come Through
Blues Come Through is available from

Again we see the polished wooden floor, the gauzy sheer curtains lifted by a breath of a sea breeze, and that sunlight that is the hallmark of Dalton Brown's work.

Unlike Long Golden Day, no land is visible here, just the ocean which shines with light. The curtains cast a shadow and diffuse the glare of the sun.

The art print of Blues Come Through can be bought in a variety of options, as with most other AllPosters items -- laminate it, mount it, choose the perfect frame, or select it as a canvas.

Choose between the impressive 60 by 40 inch print or the more affordable 19 by 13 inch.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Your Own Country Estate

In a world before TV and fast travel, when who you were was about where you were born and what name you carried, property was everything. Those who lived in the grand country houses and ran estates could expect to be looked up to as people of influence. They were also expected to host impressive social events such as Christmas balls, summer house parties, hunts, and garden parties.

This was a world that mostly disappeared here in Britain in the wake of the devastating effects of the First World War. The grand houses survive, though those still in private hands are often owned by families living quite modest lives.

Of course, with a rural scene such as the one below, all but free of signs of the 21st or late 20th century, you can still dream of those golden ages.

Arched Window with Rural View print
Arched Window with Rural View by SceneFromAWindow

This is one of the Arched Window collection posters that feature an old stone wall with an interesting elongated arch window. This unusual window frames the scene of a country house, seen from the front. The foreground has a grassy green field and hedgerows. The house is surrounded by mature trees and woodland, with forested hills in the distance.

The impressive country house has a symmetrical Georgian design and one side of the front facade is covered by ivy. What sights this elegant home must have witnessed over the years!

You can gaze at this country house window poster and dream of graceful living -- or, if you prefer, of the secrets and ghosts of Jane Eyre and Rebecca. It is sold via Zazzle and comes in a 34 by 18 inch size or can be scaled down to suit your budget.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

English Bluebells from the Window

This is an enchanting scene that has a timeless appeal. Where in the world would you say it had been painted? For me it is a very English scene that calls to mind the novels of Jane Austen or the love affair between John Keats and Fanny Brawne in Bright Star.

The unspoilt rural view and the elegant, delicate decor would not have been out of place during the Georgian era, though could as easily be Victorian, Edwardian or even belong in a stylish period house today.

So it was no surprise to learn that artist Stephen Darbishire is a British painter living in the heart of the English Lake District. A member of the Royal Society of British Artists, Darbishire's work is full of the charm of bygone times.

Bluebells is available from

The window in the traditional English country cottage (which is presumably Darbishire's own home) features in many of his paintings. I had never seen his work before but have fallen in love with his portrayal of England.

In the simply titled Bluebells we see the open window of white painted wood inviting us into a springtime scene. The serene hills and winding river are the setting for this celebration of Spring in the fresh green leaves and the clumps of bluebells growing wild on the riverbank.

The window ledge is as pretty as the scene beyond. A bunch of bluebells in a glass vase sits beside an elegant bone china teacup and saucer on a lace mat. Someone has left a colourful silk scarf and a pair of bound books here too.

You can own Darbishire's Bluebells as either an art print, a giclee print, or a stretched canvas print. Sizes range from 16 by 12 inches to 56 by 42 inches for giclee prints.

Monday, 13 June 2011

View of Boats in the Harbor

There's this pretty little harbor down at the coast... Well, where I come from, we spell it harbour. It's a lovely place to walk and watch the fishermen work on their boats.

On a sunny day all the colours are bright and cheerful, and the sunlight sparkles on the sea. Gulls and sea ducks fly overhead, always alert for an easy meal.

The harbour was built several centuries ago when it was also a shipyard and an important port for trade between Britain and the European continent.

You can still see much of the original stonework. This place was built to last!

Scottish Harbor View from a Window print
Scottish Harbor View from a Window by SceneFromAWindow

In this photographic poster you can see this little harbor through the wooden window frame. A collection of small fishing boats bob on the water, masts high in the air. You can see too the beautiful old-style lamp posts that line the harbour.

Leaves of a tree frame the scene from a high up viewpoint.

Look out to sea and you will see a ship on the ocean and even the distant hills.

This window effect picture is a clever way to create a coastal theme in your home or workplace. Available from Zazzle in 3 sizes, with the large size being 23 by 33 inches.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Let the Morning Light Shine In

Start the day off perfectly, every day, with the morning sunlight streaming in through the window!

This photographic poster is not so much about the view as it is about capturing the feeling of sunshine flooding into a room. The sheer curtains and the white walls all add a feeling of light to your wall, giving the appearance of brightening the room and making it perfect for a dull space.

It's amazing what a psychological difference it can make to see an image of bright sunlight on a dark or cold day. Living in the far north, I know a thing or two about Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) as a result of lack of sunshine during winter months. I'm tempted to use my lightbox while sitting in front of this sunny poster as I bet it would be more enjoyable than just staring into the lamp.

Window with Morning View
Window with Morning View is available from

The poster features a double white window opening outwards in a way very similar to the Diane Romanello painting featured yesterday. This time the view is a bright, sunlit path with grass and trees on each side. The focal point is the sunbeams shining towards us, the viewers. The delicate white curtains look like they might almost be being lifted by a breeze.

This window poster can be bought in a variety of sizes starting as small as 16 by 12 inches and increasing all the way to 64 by 48 inches as a photographic print.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Open Windows of Diane Romanello

Open window paintings use perspective for a true trompe l'oeil (tricking the eye) effect. It is a technique that has been used in this and other works by artist Diane Romanello.

You might be tempted to compare Romanello's paintings with those of Fecteau. Both artists have clearly been drawn to similar subject matter: the white windows opening onto a view of a beautiful beach and ocean. Their styles are of course different, with Romanello's art often featuring the low sun of early mornings and sunsets, while Fecteau has bright midday colors. Where Fecteau is vivid and cheerful, Romanello is softer and more contemplative.

While Diane Romanello has a few open window views among her paintings, don't miss her beaches, sea views and seasonal scenes that don't feature window frames -- they too glow with light caught during fleeting, magical moments.

Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach is available from

The sunset above has a double window, painted white, opening out onto the beach view and also includes the fixed panes on either side.

The scene beyond the window is a glorious sunset, rich and warm. The sky has shades from apricot to orange, and is reflected gold on the surface of the ocean. The fine white sand of the beach has been tinged with warmth and the sea grass either side of the window adds realism as well as directing the eye.

A number of paintings by Diane Romanello are available via AllPosters. Sunset Beach is an art print 38 by 28 inches in size that can be laminated, mounted or bought as a canvas.

The two female customers who bought Sunset Beach both gave it glowing reviews, and it certainly would add a touch of calm to any room.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Golden Beach Seen Through an Arch

If you lived by the sea, you would wake each day to the sound of the waves and could walk on the beach before breakfast.

Of course, not every day in a coastal village is a sunny one and the lives of fishermen are full of danger. But for those of us who head to the ocean to refresh our bodies and souls, it seems like there could be no better place to live.

The fishing village that you see through this lovely arched window is located on the east coast of Scotland where you will find some of the best beaches in Britain.

Arched Window with View of Sandy Beach print
Arched Window with View of Sandy Beach by SceneFromAWindow

The sea view shows a sweeping curve of the fine golden sand that makes many Scottish beaches such a joy to visit. The sky is a pale blue and the sea a deeper blue. In the background you can see the coastal properties which include guest houses and fishermen's cottages. A couple of people walk by the sea's edge, dodging the waves, on an otherwise almost deserted beach.

This is a landscape that will delight any ocean lover who has dreamed of a home on the coast. The scene is set off by the attractive arched window in a stone wall which will make it appear as though your private beach lies on the other side of your wall.

The large size of this window poster is 34 by 18 inches. You can scale it down if you wish to 22 by 12 inches. It's also useful to know that this and other posters sold by Zazzle are covered by their 30 day money-back guarantee so if you are not fully satisfied you can send it back.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Manhattan Skyline from Your Window

City living has a certain appeal, even to a country dweller like me. The buzz and excitement of it all, the hum of the traffic and the lights that add a touch of magic at night.

Manhattan, New York is the city that defines cities. Whether it's the setting for a quirky romance, a post-apocalyptic drama, or the escapades of a comic book hero, when a movie needs a city New York is always top of the list.

It's also one of the top 3 most visited cities of the world, according to NYC & Company. There's a good chance you have either been there as a tourist, student or resident at some point in your life. So what better cityscape to see from your window than a view of the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

View over Manhattan, New York
View over Manhattan, New York is available from

This is a black and white photographic print, perfect for bringing urban chic into your home. It shows a rectangular window, or the lower portion of one, complete with a horizontal venetian blind which has been raised to reveal a view of skyscrapers. Among the rooftops are some higher buildings, giants that soar up into the sky.

(Do you recognise any of these New York skyscrapers? If so, leave me a note as I'm curious as to where exactly in Manhattan this photographic view would have been taken.)

You can get hold of this piece of the Manhattan skyline to display on your own wall as a 39.5 by 19.5 inch (100 x 50 cm) art print. Additional options include framing, mounting or laminating your print to give it a professional finish and increase its durability.

If you love Manhattan photography or are a fan of cityscapes in general, be sure to look out too for the work of New York photographer Henri Silberman.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Open a Window onto the Ocean

As previously mentioned on Scene From a Window, Lynn Fecteau is one of the most popular painters when it comes to window views. Her paintings show white windows opening out onto tropical beach scenes. Although they can be framed, they create a nice fake view effect simply hung on the wall as a plain poster or canvas.

The scene pictured below is titled 'Open Shutters' and shows Fecteau's trademark white framed window with a brass-toned handle and hinges.

The view outside is one of a beach and a sparkling sea. You can see the waves of the deep turquoise water rolling in onto the beach of fine white sand. The sky has wispy clouds, with some fluffy white ones near the horizon, but it looks like it's going to be another beautiful day.

Open Shutters
Open Shutters is available from

One of the unique touches that Lynn Fecteau brings to her work is the floral and ornamental detail she adds to her windows. In this one, tropical flowers in shades of deep pink (I think they may be orchids) fall hang down into the frame from above and gorgeous orange hibiscus flowers bloom in the lower corner right on the other side of the wall. On the window ledge sits an unusual shell with a shiny orange surface and delicate pink inside, which spirals to a point.

This is a scene which will delight a lover of the seashore and is an attractive piece of art in its own right that would look good in any room. In the review left by an AllPosters customer it has been recommended for the vibrant and vivid detail.

Preview it mounted, laminated, on canvas or in a variety of frames on AllPosters.

Friday, 3 June 2011

A Fairytale Castle View

Princesses-in-training and aspiring Medieval knights everywhere will love this castle window with a view that looks like it has come straight from a fairytale! It's such an easy way to create the illusion of a room being in a grand old castle, as the picture includes a good portion of the ancient stone window as well as the view beyond. Perfect for your own Rapunzel or Sleeping Beauty.

Of course, you don't have to be a child to enjoy looking out of this unique window frame at the trees and flowers beyond. This is an ideal poster if you simply want to bring some historic elegance into your home.

The window belongs to a real Scottish castle dating back through several hundred years. Yes, this is the genuine article whose stones have been eroded purely by the mists of time!

Fairytale Stone Window with View of Flowers print
Fairytale Stone Window with View of Flowers by Scene From a Window

On the other side of the castle wall is a scene fit for a fairytale princess. Bluebells and flowers in pink and white peek out from the green plants in the foreground and graceful tree trunks and branches fill the upper part of the frame. The canopy of fresh green leaves allows sunlight to spill onto the lawn below.

This unusual window poster is from the Scene From a Window Castle Window collection on Zazzle. Visit to view it in more detail. You can buy the castle window with the fairytale garden view as a 23 by 34 inch poster, with a range of paper, canvas and framing options if you wish to further enhance your picture.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Sunny Painting to Light Up a Room

A dull room needs an illusion of sunlight, and if there is one thing artist Alice Dalton Brown knows how to do it is to fill a canvas with sunshine. The gorgeous art print below is just one in a series of paintings she has done of full-length windows and verandas flooded with light.

Viewing her paintings is likely being transported to a place where the sun always shines. She paints with light, sparkling on water and warming stone and polished wooden floors. Frequently her works include sheer curtains, lifted by a slight breeze.

Long Golden Day
Long Golden Day is available from

This painting of a window and sea view is a perfect example of Dalton Brown's art, with the sun lighting the surface of the tranquil blue water and casting a golden glow that is diffused through the gauzy fabric of the curtains. The wooden floor has been polished to a shine and the light reflects of it, making it appear like a continuation of the lake or sea beyond.

It is the golden quality of the light that makes this such a unique painting and is sure to brighten up a dull room with its glow. Lovely for bedrooms, living spaces, or anywhere you want to sit and dream of brighter days.

You can buy Long Golden Day as a 40 by 26 inch art print, or make a statement with the 60 by 40 inch print. Poster options include mounting, laminating, and framing with one of the elegant frames offered by AllPosters.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sunflower Field from a Window

I want to look out of my window and see a field full of sunflowers!

This sunflower painting on a greetings card caught my eye with its rows of flowers stretching into the distance beneath a deep blue sky.

The field of flowers is framed by a an open window of warm stone blocks the shade of honey.

The scene reminds me of the South of France and of Italy with their warm sunny climate and rolling countryside.

Artwork on a greetings card is not only a very affordable way to get hold of reproductions of paintings that catch your eye, but also a fun way to share them with others.

This cheerful window scene by Tibs Art can be bought from online print on demand store Cafe Press as a pack of 10 cards with envelopes. The cards are 5 by 7 inches and you can choose a glossy or matte finish.

What a lovely way to say hi to someone special or to cheer someone up.