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Monday, 27 June 2011

Diane Romanello's Windows: A Bay in Summer

This painting of a single open window from artist Diane Romanello is such a perfect image of summertime. Right now I'm not seeing much of Summer from my own window, just rain and clouds, so I would gladly exchange it for Romanello's view.

I love the vivid blue of the sea in this painting of a coastal view. Sailing boats drift out towards the horizon, and high white clouds float up above.

Of course, what really says summer is the profusion of flowers lining the path. Lovely lavender blooms beneath the open window, making you want to lean out and breathe in its scent. On the other side of the path are low-growing flowers in yellow and pink.

Bay Window Vista II
Bay Window Vista II is available from

The window itself is simple, almost rustic, with that light wash of white paint so reminiscent of coastal properties.

I bet I'm not alone in feeling like this evocative painting brings back a barely-remembered memory.

Diane Romanello, who was born in 1944, is a popular American artist whose work is sought after. Though her influences may be close to home in the States, her work has an appeal much further afield. I think this Bay Window Vista scene could belong in the Mediterranean, the sunny south coast of Britain, even sunnier South Africa, or even more exotic places.

You can buy it as a 20 by 27 inch art print from, with the usual options of mount, canvas, laminate, or a choice of attractive frames (although, in my opinion, this is one painting where you may achieve the best effect leaving it unframed and letting the window itself present the scene).

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