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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Manhattan Skyline from Your Window

City living has a certain appeal, even to a country dweller like me. The buzz and excitement of it all, the hum of the traffic and the lights that add a touch of magic at night.

Manhattan, New York is the city that defines cities. Whether it's the setting for a quirky romance, a post-apocalyptic drama, or the escapades of a comic book hero, when a movie needs a city New York is always top of the list.

It's also one of the top 3 most visited cities of the world, according to NYC & Company. There's a good chance you have either been there as a tourist, student or resident at some point in your life. So what better cityscape to see from your window than a view of the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

View over Manhattan, New York
View over Manhattan, New York is available from

This is a black and white photographic print, perfect for bringing urban chic into your home. It shows a rectangular window, or the lower portion of one, complete with a horizontal venetian blind which has been raised to reveal a view of skyscrapers. Among the rooftops are some higher buildings, giants that soar up into the sky.

(Do you recognise any of these New York skyscrapers? If so, leave me a note as I'm curious as to where exactly in Manhattan this photographic view would have been taken.)

You can get hold of this piece of the Manhattan skyline to display on your own wall as a 39.5 by 19.5 inch (100 x 50 cm) art print. Additional options include framing, mounting or laminating your print to give it a professional finish and increase its durability.

If you love Manhattan photography or are a fan of cityscapes in general, be sure to look out too for the work of New York photographer Henri Silberman.

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