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Monday, 6 June 2011

Open a Window onto the Ocean

As previously mentioned on Scene From a Window, Lynn Fecteau is one of the most popular painters when it comes to window views. Her paintings show white windows opening out onto tropical beach scenes. Although they can be framed, they create a nice fake view effect simply hung on the wall as a plain poster or canvas.

The scene pictured below is titled 'Open Shutters' and shows Fecteau's trademark white framed window with a brass-toned handle and hinges.

The view outside is one of a beach and a sparkling sea. You can see the waves of the deep turquoise water rolling in onto the beach of fine white sand. The sky has wispy clouds, with some fluffy white ones near the horizon, but it looks like it's going to be another beautiful day.

Open Shutters
Open Shutters is available from

One of the unique touches that Lynn Fecteau brings to her work is the floral and ornamental detail she adds to her windows. In this one, tropical flowers in shades of deep pink (I think they may be orchids) fall hang down into the frame from above and gorgeous orange hibiscus flowers bloom in the lower corner right on the other side of the wall. On the window ledge sits an unusual shell with a shiny orange surface and delicate pink inside, which spirals to a point.

This is a scene which will delight a lover of the seashore and is an attractive piece of art in its own right that would look good in any room. In the review left by an AllPosters customer it has been recommended for the vibrant and vivid detail.

Preview it mounted, laminated, on canvas or in a variety of frames on AllPosters.

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