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Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Open Windows of Diane Romanello

Open window paintings use perspective for a true trompe l'oeil (tricking the eye) effect. It is a technique that has been used in this and other works by artist Diane Romanello.

You might be tempted to compare Romanello's paintings with those of Fecteau. Both artists have clearly been drawn to similar subject matter: the white windows opening onto a view of a beautiful beach and ocean. Their styles are of course different, with Romanello's art often featuring the low sun of early mornings and sunsets, while Fecteau has bright midday colors. Where Fecteau is vivid and cheerful, Romanello is softer and more contemplative.

While Diane Romanello has a few open window views among her paintings, don't miss her beaches, sea views and seasonal scenes that don't feature window frames -- they too glow with light caught during fleeting, magical moments.

Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach is available from

The sunset above has a double window, painted white, opening out onto the beach view and also includes the fixed panes on either side.

The scene beyond the window is a glorious sunset, rich and warm. The sky has shades from apricot to orange, and is reflected gold on the surface of the ocean. The fine white sand of the beach has been tinged with warmth and the sea grass either side of the window adds realism as well as directing the eye.

A number of paintings by Diane Romanello are available via AllPosters. Sunset Beach is an art print 38 by 28 inches in size that can be laminated, mounted or bought as a canvas.

The two female customers who bought Sunset Beach both gave it glowing reviews, and it certainly would add a touch of calm to any room.

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