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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sunflower Field from a Window

I want to look out of my window and see a field full of sunflowers!

This sunflower painting on a greetings card caught my eye with its rows of flowers stretching into the distance beneath a deep blue sky.

The field of flowers is framed by a an open window of warm stone blocks the shade of honey.

The scene reminds me of the South of France and of Italy with their warm sunny climate and rolling countryside.

Artwork on a greetings card is not only a very affordable way to get hold of reproductions of paintings that catch your eye, but also a fun way to share them with others.

This cheerful window scene by Tibs Art can be bought from online print on demand store Cafe Press as a pack of 10 cards with envelopes. The cards are 5 by 7 inches and you can choose a glossy or matte finish.

What a lovely way to say hi to someone special or to cheer someone up.

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