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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sunlight and Sea View

Sea views are certainly popular. I think most of us, given half a chance, would happily go live by the ocean where we could look out each day on the sun sparkling on the waves.

Here is another of Alice Dalton Brown's beautiful paintings of just such a scene. Dalton Brown's Long Golden Day was previously featured on this blog. Below you see another of her most popular works, Blues Come Through.

Similar in many ways to Long Golden Day, it's easy to imagine that this might be painted from the same oceanside property, but from a different angle and at a different time of day.

Blues Come Through
Blues Come Through is available from

Again we see the polished wooden floor, the gauzy sheer curtains lifted by a breath of a sea breeze, and that sunlight that is the hallmark of Dalton Brown's work.

Unlike Long Golden Day, no land is visible here, just the ocean which shines with light. The curtains cast a shadow and diffuse the glare of the sun.

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