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Friday, 24 June 2011

View of An Italian Hill Town

It's hard to beat the charm of an Italian hill town, especially when it's one in the famously scenic region of Tuscany. This is a landscape that is dotted with medieval villages and fortified towns, built out of ancient, weathered stone. It is a place too of vinyards and good wines, of sun-ripened produce and dining al fresco. Here you can find la dolce vita.

This is the side of Italy that artist Dante Lorenzo has captured in his view from a window in Montecatini. It is a glorious day in high summer, and the landscape is so lovely that the reader has put spectacles and book aside on the windowsill to instead give their full attention to that vibrant scene outside.

Delicate blue flowers fill a glass jug, and a flower lies too beside the ribbon bookmark on the open pages of the book.

Montecatini View

Montecatini View is available from

Beyond is the conifer lined road winding towards the trees and terracotta-tiled white buildings on the hillside. A beautiful rose bush with cream flowers is surely sending wafts of perfume in through the open windows.

This is such a vibrant and sunny vista that would be just the thing to add interest to a dull wall. The sky is a vivid blue and the fields and trees a rich green, in contrast with the glossy mahogany of the window frame and ledge that is dappled with sunshine.

The painting looks great framed and matted, or you can choose it on canvas, laminated or mounted on board. As an art print this comes in a 37 by 28 inch size. On canvas it is 32 by 24 inches.

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