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Friday, 17 June 2011

Windows on the World: Morocco

Morroco is a place of heat and vibrant life. Bright light bouncing off surfaces, a hubbub of noise, scents mixing in the air. But away from the teeming life of the streets there are secluded spaces. Here you can enjoy a moment's peace, rest and refresh your body and spirit.

Like an oasis in the nearby Sahara, this rose garden is a green and inviting spot. Leafy trees and shrubs offer shade and immaculately trimmed hedges are restful on the eyes.

Roses in shades from ivory and pale peach to salmon and deep pink invite you to stop and breathe in their scent.

Moroccan Garden View from a Window print
Moroccan Garden View from a Window by SceneFromAWindow

The colours of the roses are echoed by the slender minaret close by. Built from a beautiful warm-toned stone that looks as peachy-pink as the flowers, it is decorated with intricate detail in the window surrounds and the crenellated tower tops. The minaret is topped with a dome and a spire with golden balls in increasing size.

This is a very different and unique window scene that is ideal for the armchair traveller. It is sure to bring a touch of the exotic and the mysterious charm of North Africa to your home.

This window poster is 23 by 33 inches. Also available as 15 by 22 inches or 11 by 16 inches. Part of the classic wood window collection. Purchase via Zazzle to take advantage of the money back guarantee, payment in a wide choice of currencies, and delivery to most parts of the world.

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