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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Your Own Country Estate

In a world before TV and fast travel, when who you were was about where you were born and what name you carried, property was everything. Those who lived in the grand country houses and ran estates could expect to be looked up to as people of influence. They were also expected to host impressive social events such as Christmas balls, summer house parties, hunts, and garden parties.

This was a world that mostly disappeared here in Britain in the wake of the devastating effects of the First World War. The grand houses survive, though those still in private hands are often owned by families living quite modest lives.

Of course, with a rural scene such as the one below, all but free of signs of the 21st or late 20th century, you can still dream of those golden ages.

Arched Window with Rural View print
Arched Window with Rural View by SceneFromAWindow

This is one of the Arched Window collection posters that feature an old stone wall with an interesting elongated arch window. This unusual window frames the scene of a country house, seen from the front. The foreground has a grassy green field and hedgerows. The house is surrounded by mature trees and woodland, with forested hills in the distance.

The impressive country house has a symmetrical Georgian design and one side of the front facade is covered by ivy. What sights this elegant home must have witnessed over the years!

You can gaze at this country house window poster and dream of graceful living -- or, if you prefer, of the secrets and ghosts of Jane Eyre and Rebecca. It is sold via Zazzle and comes in a 34 by 18 inch size or can be scaled down to suit your budget.

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