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Saturday, 16 July 2011

View of a Scottish Scene with Loch

Now here's a window view to bring back memories of Scotland. The wood frame of the window invites you to look out on the landscape beyond, where a typically Scottish scene meets the eye.

The water is a loch (Scottish lake, but you knew that right?) which is a still, steel blue as it reflects the clouded sky above. At its shore are trees and then a patchwork quilt of green fields beyond, stretching to the distant hills.

This peaceful scenery is a wonderful reminder of hill walking or wandering along the lochside, maybe even taking a boat out on the lake. If you opened up the window, the air would be fresh and cooling against your skin with a breeze ruffling your hair. Listen carefully and you might even hear the lowing of Highland cattle in a meadow below.

Scotland Loch View from a Window print
Scotland Loch View from a Window by SceneFromAWindow

This is the ideal scene to bring back memories of Scotland or as a gift for someone who loves all things Scottish. It was photographed from a high-up viewpoint on a hillside.

This is one of several Scotland scenes and views offered by Scene From a Window.

Get it in a nicely-sized 23 by 33 inches or size it down if you prefer.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Windows on the World: Cozumel, Mexico

I'm making the most of a sunny spell right now, and believe me if you blink during a Scottish summer you miss it.

However, in our virtual travels through this blog, today we're visiting the gorgeous beaches of Mexico with a photographic print of a lovely window scene. Taken from in a cool and shady building with an old painted window, we see an enticing azure sea outside. The waves are sweeping gently in onto a beach of pale sand.

The sash window neatly divides this beach scene into two halves. Through the open window you see the shades of blue that make up the ocean and the stripe of white sand which then meets some seaweed covered rocks. In the upper half a blue summer sky with fluffy clouds.

Celarain Lighthouse, Cozumel, Mexico
Celarain Lighthouse, Cozumel, Mexico is available from

Reading the title of this poster, we learn that it was taken from Celarain Lighthouse, which explains that weathered look of the window and the cool white stone.

Cozumel is a popular island resort with a tropical climate, particularly loved by divers and by cruise ship tours.

This is one of the most popular photographic window posters currently available from Allposters and comes in various sizes from 12 by 16 inches up to 48 by 64 inches. You have the option of framing it but I like it simply mounted or on a stretched canvas.

Monday, 11 July 2011

A Pair of Open Windows Inviting You to Sail Away

The rain is creating trails down my own open window today and the sky is a scene of layered clouds in dirty white with just a patch of blue. It is beautiful in its own way, but not the Summer sky most of us dream of.

On the other hand, the art of Lynn Fecteau captures those daydreams and paints them in bright hues on a canvas.

As one of the most popular open window artists, Lynn Fecteau has been featured here before. She has painted a series of double white windows open to an enchanting view of a tropical beach and sea.

Come Sail Away shares this theme. Gaze out onto a sunlit ocean and a deep blue sky. Breathe in the scent of the hibiscus flowers leaning towards the window. This is the perfect painting to look at and dream of a carefree sun-baked paradise.

Come Sail Away
Come Sail Away is available from

The white-painted windows each have 4 panes of glass on which the sunlight reflects, and are finished with brass hinges and handles. On the windowsill rests a starfish and 3 beautiful seashells.

You can catch just a glimpse of a beach of clean white sand from which palm trees lean out to the sea, sun highlighting their leaves. It's not hard to imagine a slight ocean breeze rustling through them as the waves murmur on the beach in a gentle lullaby.

Mount this art print, add a matching frame (the Nantucket option works well) or buy it as a canvas. The print with white border is 36 by 24 inches, however the border will be removed for the canvas option.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Cat on a Windowsill

I was missing in action yesterday (clambering up a hill with my camera) so my Friday post will this week be a Saturday post. As you will see, I've chosen not so much a window with a beautiful external view as a rather surprising piece of window photography. While it's certainly different from the usual photos and paintings of indoor-to-outdoor scenes featured here, it caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you.

Of course, whether you like this photographic poster is pretty much dependent on whether you are a cat lover or not. This windowsill has a feline occupant, who has been photographed through a semi-sheer curtain made more translucent by the sunlight shining through it. The curtain gives the image a diffuse and almost ghostly quality.

Silhouette of Orange Tabby Cat Sitting on a Windowsill Behind Curtain, Groton, Connecticut
Silhouette of Orange Tabby Cat Sitting on a Windowsill Behind Curtain
is available from

The cat is, according to the title, an orange tabby (which over here we would affectionately call a ginger cat). Unless you have better cat identification skills than I do, you wouldn't know this from simply looking until you examine the slight parting in the curtains, where you can indeed catch a glimpse of ginger fur.

This unusual image comes from photographer Todd Gipstein who has several windows in his large collection of photographic art prints, including the Open Window with View of Tuscany already featured in this blog.

This one won't give you that 'fake window' effect but is a striking image in its own right that will make you look twice. A particularly nice choice for cat lovers.

The five available print sizes range from 9 by 12 inches up to 30 by 40 inches. Also available as a stretched canvas print or ready-framed.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Panoramic Cityscape: Chicago

Manhattan might be famous for its skyline but downtown Chicago has an impressive cityscape all of its own. After all, where else can you see the iconic Sears Tower (now Willis Tower but I had to look that up, to me it will always be Sears Tower). That elegant structure that looks like a sitting black cat watching over the city is a beautiful sight that will bring back memories to any of us who have spent time in the Windy City.

Of course, there's more to Chicago than Sears... er Willis Tower. I love how this panoramic poster of Chicago captures not only the skyscrapers but also a grand sweep of Lake Michigan. Where I'm from, you can see the far side of the lakes and lochs, which would look like mere ponds next to Lake Michigan. Standing on Navy Pier looking out over the Lake, it seemed almost impossible to me that this wasn't a sea.

But let's get back to the architecture of Chicago and that skyline captured in this cityscape poster. Looking at this view gave me a chance to pay a virtual revisit to Chicago as I figured out the names of the different towers. I'm willing to bet that this panorama was taken from the top of the John Hancock Center so you won't see that in the scene. However, the other stand-out features on the skyline are the Aon Center (the tallest white tower) and beside it Two Prudential Plaza (with a triangular summit).

City as Seen through a Window, Chicago, Illinois, USA
City as Seen through a Window, Chicago, Illinois
is available from

Nestling up to Sears Tower you can see 311 S Wacker Dr and the AT&T Corporate Center. Chase Tower is the squarish building at the back as you move along to the left. The red building is the CNA Tower. The sleek, shining Trump International Hotel & Tower, now the second tallest building in Chicago, is missing from this skyline taken in 2007. It was completed in 2009.

The attractive foreground building with a greenish roof and reflective windows is 77 West Wacker. Another building that caught my eye, though drawfed by the giants around it, is the distinctive angled roof of the white Smurfit-Stone Building, seen here side-on.

Of course, keeping with our window theme, this panoramic view of Chicago was taken from a window. Not just any window, but one of the 11,459 windows of the John Hancock Center. How would you like to be a window cleaner there?

Want to own this view? AllPosters have it as a photographic print in sizes ranging from 24 by 8 inches all the way to an amazing 120 by 40 inches. On stretched canvas you can take it up to 42 by 14 inches. Framing and mounting also possible.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Wishing You a Blue Summer Sky

First of all, may I wish my US subscribers a happy Independence Day and I sure hope you are enjoying that independence from, er, my country. :)

If you are celebrating outdoors, here's hoping for warm weather and blue skies. That's pretty much what we've got here too.

Today I'm delighted to share with you a new line of premium window posters on Scene From a Window, featuring a higher resolution frame with a warm, rich look to the wood. The featured scenes also have brighter colors and more detail.

They are currently just a couple of dollars* more in price than the classic wooden window prints, so you can choose whether to go with the more affordable option or pay a small amount more to upgrade to the premium scenes.

Fluffy White Clouds View from a Window print
Fluffy White Clouds View from a Window by SceneFromAWindow

Here's an example that features a beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds. I'm thinking about putting this one above my desk so that, through the long, dark Scottish winters, I can dream of summertime. I bet you have a wall it would brighten up too...

At full size, this and other pictures in the premium window poster range measure 23 by 33 inches.

*Zazzle also operates in a number of countries around the world and allow customers to pay in a wide range of currencies.

Friday, 1 July 2011

A Dog's View of the Ocean with Window and Open Door

I went to the beach today. It was a cloudy day, but mild and blissfully quiet there. The only people around were a dad with his daughters and a few dog walkers.

One of the dogs was over-excited at the sight of the sea and stood in the water, barking over and over. It couldn't be tempted out! The sand there has as many doggy paw print tracks as it does human ones, and often the dogs like to dig and scrabble about in the sand.

Dogs and the sea just seem to go together. Which is why I chose to feature this beautiful painting from Zhen-Huan Lu, an artist who combines a focus on windows and open doorways with a love of coastal scenes.

Looking Over the Sea
Looking Over the Sea is available from

In Looking Over the Sea Lu has captured a moment of calm peace during a sunny day. Just inside of an open doorway, a golden haired dog (probably a golden retreiver) rests in the shade, looking out at the ocean and sniffing the scents of the sea breeze.

Out in the sunshine on the white-painted deck there is a rocking chair with a blue towel or garment draped on it, suggesting that it was recently occupied. Its companion chair can be seen through the glass of the window.

I love the detail in this painting -- the seashell on the windowsill and that old hurricane lamp hanging on the wall. The paintwork is flaking, but the floorboards are a warm, rich wood and this looks like a much loved coastal retreat. And what a view, with that blue expanse of ocean.

The dimensions of this art print are 32 by 24 inch (includes border). Sizes will vary if you select the print with one of the framing recommendations.