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Friday, 1 July 2011

A Dog's View of the Ocean with Window and Open Door

I went to the beach today. It was a cloudy day, but mild and blissfully quiet there. The only people around were a dad with his daughters and a few dog walkers.

One of the dogs was over-excited at the sight of the sea and stood in the water, barking over and over. It couldn't be tempted out! The sand there has as many doggy paw print tracks as it does human ones, and often the dogs like to dig and scrabble about in the sand.

Dogs and the sea just seem to go together. Which is why I chose to feature this beautiful painting from Zhen-Huan Lu, an artist who combines a focus on windows and open doorways with a love of coastal scenes.

Looking Over the Sea
Looking Over the Sea is available from

In Looking Over the Sea Lu has captured a moment of calm peace during a sunny day. Just inside of an open doorway, a golden haired dog (probably a golden retreiver) rests in the shade, looking out at the ocean and sniffing the scents of the sea breeze.

Out in the sunshine on the white-painted deck there is a rocking chair with a blue towel or garment draped on it, suggesting that it was recently occupied. Its companion chair can be seen through the glass of the window.

I love the detail in this painting -- the seashell on the windowsill and that old hurricane lamp hanging on the wall. The paintwork is flaking, but the floorboards are a warm, rich wood and this looks like a much loved coastal retreat. And what a view, with that blue expanse of ocean.

The dimensions of this art print are 32 by 24 inch (includes border). Sizes will vary if you select the print with one of the framing recommendations.

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