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Monday, 11 July 2011

A Pair of Open Windows Inviting You to Sail Away

The rain is creating trails down my own open window today and the sky is a scene of layered clouds in dirty white with just a patch of blue. It is beautiful in its own way, but not the Summer sky most of us dream of.

On the other hand, the art of Lynn Fecteau captures those daydreams and paints them in bright hues on a canvas.

As one of the most popular open window artists, Lynn Fecteau has been featured here before. She has painted a series of double white windows open to an enchanting view of a tropical beach and sea.

Come Sail Away shares this theme. Gaze out onto a sunlit ocean and a deep blue sky. Breathe in the scent of the hibiscus flowers leaning towards the window. This is the perfect painting to look at and dream of a carefree sun-baked paradise.

Come Sail Away
Come Sail Away is available from

The white-painted windows each have 4 panes of glass on which the sunlight reflects, and are finished with brass hinges and handles. On the windowsill rests a starfish and 3 beautiful seashells.

You can catch just a glimpse of a beach of clean white sand from which palm trees lean out to the sea, sun highlighting their leaves. It's not hard to imagine a slight ocean breeze rustling through them as the waves murmur on the beach in a gentle lullaby.

Mount this art print, add a matching frame (the Nantucket option works well) or buy it as a canvas. The print with white border is 36 by 24 inches, however the border will be removed for the canvas option.

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  1. Oh my... this lovely window poster provides me with the need to leave for a warmer area and sit back and relax, watching the deep blue ocean and the hot white sand!