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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Panoramic Cityscape: Chicago

Manhattan might be famous for its skyline but downtown Chicago has an impressive cityscape all of its own. After all, where else can you see the iconic Sears Tower (now Willis Tower but I had to look that up, to me it will always be Sears Tower). That elegant structure that looks like a sitting black cat watching over the city is a beautiful sight that will bring back memories to any of us who have spent time in the Windy City.

Of course, there's more to Chicago than Sears... er Willis Tower. I love how this panoramic poster of Chicago captures not only the skyscrapers but also a grand sweep of Lake Michigan. Where I'm from, you can see the far side of the lakes and lochs, which would look like mere ponds next to Lake Michigan. Standing on Navy Pier looking out over the Lake, it seemed almost impossible to me that this wasn't a sea.

But let's get back to the architecture of Chicago and that skyline captured in this cityscape poster. Looking at this view gave me a chance to pay a virtual revisit to Chicago as I figured out the names of the different towers. I'm willing to bet that this panorama was taken from the top of the John Hancock Center so you won't see that in the scene. However, the other stand-out features on the skyline are the Aon Center (the tallest white tower) and beside it Two Prudential Plaza (with a triangular summit).

City as Seen through a Window, Chicago, Illinois, USA
City as Seen through a Window, Chicago, Illinois
is available from

Nestling up to Sears Tower you can see 311 S Wacker Dr and the AT&T Corporate Center. Chase Tower is the squarish building at the back as you move along to the left. The red building is the CNA Tower. The sleek, shining Trump International Hotel & Tower, now the second tallest building in Chicago, is missing from this skyline taken in 2007. It was completed in 2009.

The attractive foreground building with a greenish roof and reflective windows is 77 West Wacker. Another building that caught my eye, though drawfed by the giants around it, is the distinctive angled roof of the white Smurfit-Stone Building, seen here side-on.

Of course, keeping with our window theme, this panoramic view of Chicago was taken from a window. Not just any window, but one of the 11,459 windows of the John Hancock Center. How would you like to be a window cleaner there?

Want to own this view? AllPosters have it as a photographic print in sizes ranging from 24 by 8 inches all the way to an amazing 120 by 40 inches. On stretched canvas you can take it up to 42 by 14 inches. Framing and mounting also possible.

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