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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Peaceful Scenic Photos on Wrapped Canvas

If you are visiting this blog you probably like pictures that look like windows as much as I do. Well, here's some good news for you. Now you can get your hands on stretched canvas pictures that are wrapped around a wooden frame. What's great about that is that they have a 1.5 inch depth that really does give a fantastic window effect.

Let me show you an example so you can see how good this looks.

Sky and Clouds 3D Effect Window View Picture wrappedcanvas
Sky and Clouds 3D Effect Window View Picture by SceneFromAWindow

Put one of these stretched canvas prints on the wall and you have yourself a three-dimesional 'fake window' that looks so much like the real thing. The wooden frame on the print extends round the sides, top and bottom so this will look convincing from all angles.

Choose your favourite peaceful scene from a growing selection from the Scene From a Window 3D Window canvas collection.

The 3D window pictures are available in a 16 by 24 inch size and are printed on heavyweight matte canvas which is hand-stretched for a perfect finish.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Window of Memories

A day for remembering those who were lost, of all nationalities. And for thinking of those who lost others.

This beautiful black and white art print by photographer Henri Silberman expresses all those memories we can't put into words. And who better to capture the conflicting emotions than Silberman, a New York resident of many years, whose passion for this vibrant city shines through each of his photos.

The work is entitled Looking at Ground Zero and shows a solitary figure gazing out through the great glass windows of the World Financial Center at the site where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center once stood.

Looking at Ground Zero

Reflections, of the person and the remaining skyscrapers, stretch across the polished floor towards us. It is a moving and thoughful photograph, inviting you in for reflections of your own.

Looking at Ground Zero is available from

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Open Window with Fruit Bowl and Flowers

Ah, the last golden days of summer. A time to bunch together the final flowers and enjoy the fruits of the season.

Artist Stephen Darbishire has captured these fleeting moments in this gorgeous painting from his home in England's Lake District. A white jug is overflowing with daisies, foxgloves, and other summer wild flowers. Delicate bone china plates nestle on a rumpled tablecloth, where someone has been enjoying a simple but satisfying meal of bread with a selection of cheeses washed down with a glass of white wine. The fruit bowl is crammed with a harvest bounty of apples, pears, and red and white grapes.

The window of this cottage is open wide on a tranquil scene where (if you look closely) cows graze beside a lake. It's a picture-perfect English cottage scene that will keep the spirit of Summer alive all through the coming Fall and Winter days.

Wild Flowers and Summer Wine
Wild Flowers and Summer Wine available from

If you are wondering where you saw this beautiful open window view before, it is very similar to the window which was depicted in Darbishire's Bluebells, though sharp eyes will notice that the view is not quite the same. What an idyllic place to live.

This is a time of year to decorate your home with natural objects, celebrating the gifts of nature and treasuring the simple things in our lives.

The evocative painting is available as an art print sized at 19.5 inches by 15.5 inches including a border. Visit to preview it in a selection of different frames. Other options include mounted or on canvas. Or simply buy as is.