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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Golden Leaves on Tree -- An Autumnal View

When it hasn't been howling a gale and pouring with rain, the Fall colors have been spectacular here in Scotland. A walk in a local park unveiled a whole palette of autumnal shades from flame-coloured beech leaves to vibrant yellows and gentle browns. One tree was so laden with crimson berries that it was more red than green.

One of the most eye-catching colors of all was the golden-yellow that made the tree featured in the window view below appear like something out of a fairytale. Caught just in that fleeting moment of changing from green to brown to bare, the halfway shade of the Autumn leaves is such a cheerful one. If only it could last a little longer.

Golden Leaves of Autumn from a Window print
Golden Leaves of Autumn from a Window by SceneFromAWindow

Of course, that's the beauty of these 'faux window' posters as it can be Fall for you at any time of year. Change the season when you want to and not when the weather or calendar dictates!

The window effect poster is sized just under 23 inches by 32.5 inches. You can now preview how that will look on a selection of walls over on Zazzle before you buy (although, I warn you, some of these homes are very grand!).

As I've mentioned before, you can also add a custom frame. This is a great option that I've noticed people choosing more than once, as it truly adds to the window effect with an extra dimension. The Honey Oak custom frame (pictured below) is the one to choose, and it will be sized to fit for you. You also have the option of a mat if you wish, and that comes in a whole variety of shades.

Here's the Golden Leaves of Autumn framed poster without the mat:

Friday, 25 November 2011

Full Length Windows with Autumn Scene

I hope you are enjoying the Autumn season, and of course Happy Thanksgiving to those who have been celebrating.

Well, I have quite a treat to share today. Diane Romanello is one of the most popular artists whose work I've shared here. So how about a Fall themed painting from her selection of beautiful trompe l'oeil style windows?

As you can see, these are full-length windows, also sometimes called French Windows, that open out like doors but are fully glazed and often flanked by non-opening windows. In this enchanting painting from Romanello, one of the doors is ajar in her trademark style. Beyond it is a beautiful Autumnal scene with a still silver lake. The lakeside path is carpeted with fallen leaves in russet browns. However, it is the foreground tree that really catches your eye, with its stunning orange and in places crimson leaves.

Autumn Threshold
Autumn Threshold is available from

Diane Romanello paints a variety of nature scenes which feature warm colors, either the golden tones of a beautiful sunset or the rich shades of Fall.

If you love her Autumn lake scene glimpsed through these doors, you can get hold of it in a range of different sizes, though don't go for too small a print with a work like this. You want it bigger for the full effect. The largest size art print is a generous 32 by 48 inch which looks stunning. It can be framed, laminated, or even mounted on wood for an impressive and durable art piece that you can treasure.

Love the scene but not sure about the doors? In that case, head over and take a look at Romanello's work titled Golden Autumn. It shows the same scene in a landscape format and without the windows framing the view.