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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Snow on Trees Seen Out of a Window

Not many of us like cold weather, but one thing we all love is a beautiful winter wonderland of shimmering snow. It's hard to beat a crisp day when the sun is shining and fresh snow transforms a familiar view.

This lovely scene shows a tree-lined path through a park with a cloudless blue sky above. The snow gilds each branch of the tree that reaches out over the path in the foreground.

This is a window view for those days when you can stay snug indoors, curled up before a fire or under a duvet with a good book (or your favorite ebook reader !).

Snow Scene View from a Window print
Snow Scene View from a Window by SceneFromAWindow

On the other hand, it's also a perfect way to bring the nicer side of a real, snow-filled wintertime to a home in a warmer climate. Ideal for those who have emigrated to a hotter country and miss the winters how they used to be, or for someone who has never seen snow and dreams of soft white snowflakes and a field of fresh snow outside the window.

The wooden frame gives this poster the faux window treatment, meaning you can hang it anywhere you wish you had a view. All of the SceneFromAWindow works feature genuine photographic scenes without digital 'enhancements' -- in other words, that snow on the branches really was there and was every bit as thick as it looks!

If you are thinking of buying this or a similar poster, this is a great time to head on over to Zazzle and take a look at what's on offer. There are daily deals that can save you quite a bit. For instance, order before Friday (entering the code on the banner over on the Zazzle site) and you can get 15% off your order. If you add a frame or add $50 worth of items in total to your order you can currently get free delivery too.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Christmas Window with a Peaceful Snow Scene

Have you done your Christmas decorating yet? There's something heartwarming about spying twinkling lights as the light of the day fades from the sky. We all have our own styles, of course. Some go for plenty of glitter and sparkle, bright colors and music. For others decorating can be as simple as a few sprigs of winter foliage and a welcoming candle.

That is exactly the kind of holiday decorating that has been shown in this gentle and contemplative painting titled 'Season of Peace' which shows a windowsill and lower half of a window, looking out onto a snow scene beyond.

In this window painting by Bill Breedon the focus is on creating a mood. And I would say that mood is one of comfort and of peace. Comfort in the warm, golden glow of candlelight and the kindly flame that bids welcome to those coming in from the cold. Peace in the gentle animal figurines, the simply decorated window ledge, and the quiet snow-covered scene outside.

Season of Peace
Season of Peace is available at

Pictures like these always inspire stories for me. Whose home are we looking out from? Who lives in that beautiful house opposite, and how many generations has the little white church seen christened, married and buried? This is the kind of nostalgia that Breedon captures so well in his art.

There is also hope in this scene which prompts us to remember the true meaning of Christmas. The beautiful winter's day is turning to evening, the sky tinged with red, and it will be a cold dark night. But inside there is shelter and warmth.

Celebrate the season with this special piece of artwork, available as a 32 by 26 art print that can be framed, laminated, wood mounted (with or without the border) or applied to canvas. And may this be a season of peace for you too.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Final View of Autumn Through the Window

The temperature has dropped and I think it's fair to say it is now winter here, though perhaps you live in warmer climes and are still enjoying golden days of Fall. Well, I call it Autumn, not only because that's how we speak here, but because had I written 'Fall Through the Window' as a title I think it could have confused search engines.

Whether we say Autumn or Fall, though, it is time for me to bid a sad farewell to the golden season. And who better to leave us with a last, lingering view from an open window than one of this blog's favorite artists, Alice Dalton Brown. You can see other window view artwork from Dalton Brown here on Scene From a Window.

Autumn Reflections
Autumn Reflections is available from

Dalton Brown is a painter of light. Of course, all artists work with the light, but what I mean is that the quality of the light takes a central role in her art. In 'Autumn Reflections' she has painted a scene where the Fall sunlight paints a shadow of the white railing on the ground. Beyond you can see a row of trees wearing their Autumn colors.

This is a bright and airy scene. As one delighted customer commented on, it has the effect of opening up a room, lending it fresh air and sunlight. At 42 by 42 inches, this square piece of art can be mounted, lamintated, or transferred onto canvas.

Hudson Valley resident Dalton Brown has been exhibiting her work since 1975. If you are a fan of this wonderful artist, take a look too at the artbook The Paintings of Alice Dalton Brown.