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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Christmas Window with a Peaceful Snow Scene

Have you done your Christmas decorating yet? There's something heartwarming about spying twinkling lights as the light of the day fades from the sky. We all have our own styles, of course. Some go for plenty of glitter and sparkle, bright colors and music. For others decorating can be as simple as a few sprigs of winter foliage and a welcoming candle.

That is exactly the kind of holiday decorating that has been shown in this gentle and contemplative painting titled 'Season of Peace' which shows a windowsill and lower half of a window, looking out onto a snow scene beyond.

In this window painting by Bill Breedon the focus is on creating a mood. And I would say that mood is one of comfort and of peace. Comfort in the warm, golden glow of candlelight and the kindly flame that bids welcome to those coming in from the cold. Peace in the gentle animal figurines, the simply decorated window ledge, and the quiet snow-covered scene outside.

Season of Peace
Season of Peace is available at

Pictures like these always inspire stories for me. Whose home are we looking out from? Who lives in that beautiful house opposite, and how many generations has the little white church seen christened, married and buried? This is the kind of nostalgia that Breedon captures so well in his art.

There is also hope in this scene which prompts us to remember the true meaning of Christmas. The beautiful winter's day is turning to evening, the sky tinged with red, and it will be a cold dark night. But inside there is shelter and warmth.

Celebrate the season with this special piece of artwork, available as a 32 by 26 art print that can be framed, laminated, wood mounted (with or without the border) or applied to canvas. And may this be a season of peace for you too.

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