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Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Final View of Autumn Through the Window

The temperature has dropped and I think it's fair to say it is now winter here, though perhaps you live in warmer climes and are still enjoying golden days of Fall. Well, I call it Autumn, not only because that's how we speak here, but because had I written 'Fall Through the Window' as a title I think it could have confused search engines.

Whether we say Autumn or Fall, though, it is time for me to bid a sad farewell to the golden season. And who better to leave us with a last, lingering view from an open window than one of this blog's favorite artists, Alice Dalton Brown. You can see other window view artwork from Dalton Brown here on Scene From a Window.

Autumn Reflections
Autumn Reflections is available from

Dalton Brown is a painter of light. Of course, all artists work with the light, but what I mean is that the quality of the light takes a central role in her art. In 'Autumn Reflections' she has painted a scene where the Fall sunlight paints a shadow of the white railing on the ground. Beyond you can see a row of trees wearing their Autumn colors.

This is a bright and airy scene. As one delighted customer commented on, it has the effect of opening up a room, lending it fresh air and sunlight. At 42 by 42 inches, this square piece of art can be mounted, lamintated, or transferred onto canvas.

Hudson Valley resident Dalton Brown has been exhibiting her work since 1975. If you are a fan of this wonderful artist, take a look too at the artbook The Paintings of Alice Dalton Brown.

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