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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cat in Window on a Winter's Day

At this time of year many of us in the northern hemisphere, or at least those of us at the top of it, begin to feel sun-starved.

We could learn a lesson from cats. Have you ever noticed their ability to seek out the merest scrap of sun and soak it up? If there is a sunny patch to be found in the house, chances are that is where you will find the cat!

The cat in this painting, which is appropriately called Winter Solace, has certainly got that knack for making the most of even the weakest winter sunshine. Curled up on a window ledge, it is enjoying the warmth of sunlight on its fur, steadfastly ignoring the birds flying past outside.

Winter Solace
Winter Solace is available at

To tell the truth, there's not all that much to see out of this window, some ragged snow and bare trees form the landscape. However, as any cat lover will agree, who needs a view when there is a beautiful feline friend to admire. Just don't expect to be allowed to share the warmth of the sunshine!

Winter Solace was painted by Ben Watson, an artist who uses a subdued palette and often creates stark contrasts in his work. This print is available in a variety of sizes as a giclee or canvas print and can be framed or mounted as you prefer.

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