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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Botanical Window Decal Creates a Wonderful Illusion

As you will know if you are a regular Scene from a Window visitor, I normally share with you a variety of enchanting painted and photographic scenes viewed as if from a window.

Today I came across something new that I thought was a wonderful idea, and hope you might just agree. Glue-free window decals adhere to the glass on your windows where they can be seen from both inside and outside. Because no glue is involved, they are easy to position, move around or remove completely when you feel like a change.

If you are looking to create a fake view that tricks the eye (an effect known as trompe l'oeil which means exactly that, trick the eye, in French), then these botanical window decals are a wonderfully easy way to do just that.

Leaves and bird  (Window Decal)
Leaves and Bird Window Decal at

When you apply a botanical window decal like the above, or indeed any of these glue-free decals, you create a convincing effect that will have people believing the leaves are real. This one also features a sweet bird, a beautiful sight that for many of us would be only too rare in real life this close to a window.

People who bought this decal over at loved it, giving it 5-star reviews. Another advantage is that these glue-less window decals are very affordable. Head on over there to see the full range which includes some photo-realistic designs of leaves and potted herbs as well as more whimsical ones such as fairies or a silhouetted child catching leaves.

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